Our Partners

The right partners

The word "Partners" is in our name for a reason.

Our approach at Blackthorne Partners is to work with small, niche businesses seeking a partner to see them through a time of transition. We provide the private equity investment and expertise for a smooth transition, and future growth.

Other small businesses might be ready to make a crucial step forward. Blackthorne can provide the necessary capital, and also leverage our experience to achieve top-line and bottom-line growth targets.

We partner with investors, too. They, along with principals of Blackthorne Partners and management, provide the necessary capital.

Blackthorne Partners most frequently invests in small businesses (EBIDTA of about $1 million). Among those businesses are:

Crucial to Blackthorne Partners are investors who make the acquisitions and partnerships possible. Our investors:

Some Blackthorne investments require an immediate leadership infusion.
Focused on addressing the equity and liquidity needs of small businesses in the Upper Midwest